Entrepreneurship in Basketball & Tennis

Greetings! Webinar Details: Date: Wednesday 29 April at 2pm Singapore (GMT+8) Topic: “Entrepreneurship in Basketball & Tennis and the Effects of COVID-19” The 4th weekly SPIA Asia Webinar shines the light on two entrepreneurial projects within professional basketball and tennis: Under the headline of “Entrepreneurship in Basketball & Tennis and the Effects of COVID-19” weContinue reading “Entrepreneurship in Basketball & Tennis”

శుక్రవారం 3 ఏప్రిల్, 2020, నేడు: డాక్టర్. నాగభూషణ్ తెనాలి Sports Management Centre వద్ద 70 వ పుట్టినరోజు వార్షికోత్సవం గుర్తుచేసుకున్నాు Friday the 3rd April, 2020, today: Dr.Nagabhushanam Tenali recalls the anniversary of the 70th birthday at the Sports Management Centre. #founder #foundersday #smc #entreprener #smc


Dear Patron,Greetings from SMC,http://www.playsmc.org is a simple website to discover sports facilities, services in one’s neighborhood and book convenient slots within seconds. One can find the nearest tennis, badminton courts, cricket grounds, futsal turfs closest to them and play without hassles of calling, confirmation and cash. Currently, SMC comes with details of sporting facilities inContinue reading “PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES”

#DoubleInning Cricket Championship 2019 ®

🏆INDIA 1st Biggest T20 Double- Inning Cricket Championship 2019 ® Org By:- Guru Dronacharya khel khoj foundation trust (India) & Players Cricket Association. Location – Pink City Jaipur (Rajasthan). Start :- 25th December To 27th December 2019. Total 8 Teams. 3 Leauge Matches. 🏏 Winner Team :- Big Cup +Trophy (All Players). 🏏 Runner-up :-Continue reading “#DoubleInning Cricket Championship 2019 ®”