The length of the track is 133m-500m inclusive. For World Crowns and Olympic Games, velodromes are 250m. 20cm is the track length above the inner edge of the track (the upper edge of the blue band).

The range of the track is constant throughout its length. Tracks approved in orders 1 and 2 have a minimal range of 7m. Other tracks have a range commensurable to its length of 5m minimum.
The face of the track is fully flat, homogenous, and non ‑ ­abrasive. The forbearance of flatness for the track face is 5 mm over 2m. The coating is invariant in all its aspects over the entire track face. The face color of the track must leave the track marking lines easily visible.

Longitudinal markings
Dimension line
The dimension line is black or white, to the discrepancy with the track, and placed with its inner edge 20 cm. It’s marked off at every 5m and numbered at every 10m going counterclockwise from the finish line. The sanctioned length of the track is to be measured on the inner edge of this line.