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Greetings from SMC, is a simple website to discover sports facilities, services in one’s neighborhood and book convenient slots within seconds. One can find the nearest tennis, badminton courts, cricket grounds, futsal turfs closest to them and play without hassles of calling, confirmation and cash. Currently, SMC comes with details of sporting facilities in India.

With SMC, playing is just a 1 click process. Select your favorite sport, pay and play!

While the sports complexes, facilities, services, consultants and many others can manage the player bookings and members seamlessly within the same website without any hassles, at absolutely minimum cost

Our soon to be coming updates include a suite of features which make playing experience ridiculously easy & fun with AI, rankings, scoring, performance updates and designed to make SMC, an ultimate destination of all playing needs.

We are a team of experts managing various facilities in and around Hyderabad, with diverse work experience from organizations like ISB, Wellsfargo, Qualcomm, Tatas etc., but passionate about sports.

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