Sports Management App / Software

About Sports Management Application

Sports Management Application is a one-stop digital solution designed to maximize productivity and communication between athletes and sports organizations. Our Sports Organization Management digital platform is designed to meet the needs of all types of sports organizations, sports schools, clubs, and academies. It is a real-time digital platform that enables Owners, Admins, Managers, and Coaches to track and manage their daily operations in an efficient way by saving their time and efforts. It is a cloud-based solution that works anywhere if an internet connection is available.

The platform also provides informative dashboards about the progress, training plans, challenges, achievements, and performances to Athletes/Players and their parents. It has been developed by studying many international Long Term Athlete Development programs to help athletes with early awareness of the fundamentals and enable them to Compete for Winning.

We continuously update and upgrade the platform with the latest technology and features which you receive automatically. This will help your academy/club/school keep up with the technical changes without any extra effort on your part.

Why Us?

Sports Management Centre provides you high level of data security and securely stored data on the Cloud in an encrypted format. Single Platform caters to the needs of multiple sports with customized solutions for all, unlike other sports academy management solutions which support limited features only. The excellent UI and UX make it easy to use and manageable from any device. Always get updated with real-time reports on individual dashboards. Forget paper notebooks and multiple spreadsheets – transform your manual work digitally with a cutting-edge technology platform.

Sports Management Centre reserves complete secrecy of the academy/school/club data in accordance with a non-disclosure agreement signed during the deal and maintains all upgrades and updates free of cost.

Added Advantages

  • A complete Academy Management platform with web and mobile generation
  • Online logins for Owner/Manager, Admins, and Coaches
  • Single mobile App for Parents, Players, Coaches, Admins, Managers/Owners
  • Customized fee receipt and report cards
  • Online support throughout the year
  • A way for parents to track a child’s progress
  • A central location for training plans and assessments

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