A sport that makes you forget the daily struggles of life? A sport that makes you feel alive the instant you hold on to its equipment? No, it is not a matter of dreams. It actually exists! You might be wondering what is this magical sport, isn’t it? Well, it is none other than the game of squash! This game is quite popular across the globe and is played among people of all age groups.

The game is quite similar to that of Tennis and Badminton. But there is a slight catch! You don’t have a net or a court over which you hit the ball or shuttlecock in the opponent’s area; rather the game is all about hitting the ball against a back wall with both the players on the same side until the point where your opponent is unable to hit back the ball. When that happens, you gain points which ultimately decide the winner at the end of the match. 

This game is played involving two people or players in a room that resembles a box. Similar to Badminton, not much is required to play this sport. You only need a squash racket and a squash ball. The racket is a tad bit smaller in size as compared to a tennis racket and the ball is approximately two and a half inches in diameter. This ball is made of rubber.    

Now, scoring points is difficult and can be achieved in the following ways:

1. Bouncing of the ball twice before the opponent is able to hit the ball back on the wall.

2. The ball hits the forbidden area, that is, the board in the back.

3. There are many lines on the floor of a squash court. One of them stands for the outline, that is, anyone playing whose hitting the ball makes it go outside that outline loses a point.   

4. Lastly, if a player causes trouble purposely so that their opponent is unable to possess the ball, then such a player loses points to their opponent.

For anyone to win the game; they need to win the required amount of sets that were pre-determined. usually, people go for a set of 5 games; so anyone who is able to win three games first is declared the winner in the game.

The game of Squash follows certain rules too. A few have been stated below:

1) This game is quite versatile in the sense that it can allow two players (singles match) or four players (doubles match) to play at the same time.

2) A player needs to keep in mind that they need to hit the ball within the defined boundaries of the back wall.

3)  If a player gets into the way of their opponent’s line of sight and are no longer in a position to move out in time; a let is called upon in that situation.

4) If a player gets in the way of their opponent, not by mistake, but on purpose;  such a player is fouled.

5) The players are not allowed to hit the ball twice and carrying of the ball in hand is also equivalent to a foul.

6) If at all, a situation of a tie between the two players arise, that is, if the players get a 10-10 score; they need to earn two points in order to win the game.  

7) Lastly, the kind of balls is determined by colours and number of spots on it: 

          a)Red stands for Medium Slow Ball

          b)Blue stands for Fast Ball

          c)Green or White stands for a Slow Ball

          d)Yellow stands for Super slow Ball and lastly, 

          e)Double Yellow is specially customized to be Extra Super slow for competitions.

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