To Innovate, Promote and Grow Sports


Leadership at every level – inspire innovation and create opportunities in sports


To be your trusted resource for sports


In pursuit of its mission, the volunteers and staff accept responsibility for their actions in achieving the mission and for reaching our strategic goals.

  • Community.  Impact lives and foster relationships.
  • Diversity and Inclusion.  Include all people on a non-discriminatory basis in every aspect of our mission.
  • Governance.  Provide a governance and delivery structure that supports appropriate and effective participation.
  • Healthy Lifestyle.  Promote sport that contributes to good health, character, and responsible citizenship for a lifetime.
  • Integrity.  Make decisions and conduct business free of conflict of interest and with the highest principles of ethical behavior.
  • Organizational Excellence.  Commit to excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Teamwork.  Work as a dedicated team of local, district, and section volunteers and staff to grow sports participation.


Strategic goals have been identified to accomplish the mission.

  1. Recruit and retain new generations, diverse cultures, and communities to sports, while expanding Social play.
  2. Maximize revenue opportunities from national
  3. Efficient allocation of financial and human resources
  4. Optimize the delivery system (Associations, schools, park & recs, and other organizations)
  5. Transform and strengthen the collaboration among Section and District volunteers and staff
  6. Enhance existing products to respond to the needs of players and providers
  7. Utilize technology to improve products and operations
  8. Improve education, training, and safety to develop leadership

Sports Management Centre ( SMC ) is an association whose primary goal is to promote and strengthen participation in various sports by making it available to all who are interested and to provide a facility to encourage year-round participation.

SMC offers innovative, comprehensive, and customized training programs with expert instruction, a proven training methodology, a motivating learning environment that brings together individuals of all ages and backgrounds to unfold the joy of learning while organising various sports camps and workshops.

Our Core Strengths:

  1. Build Operate and Maintain various sports facilities like Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, Badminton etc.
  2. Various sports coaching programs to passionate learners in sports realms at an affordable cost.
  3. Periodic learners’ performance evaluation and subsequent improvement action plans for them.